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G R E G    D A V I S O N

Painting is a form of freedom of expression. An opportunity for the artist to illustrate the world as they see it. Certainly that is what art is to me. It is for the viewer to absorb each piece with their own interpretation.

My artwork is an extension of my view of life. How we present ourselves. How we deal with our emotions. How we react to pressure points. How we rise above our challenges. How we evaluate our own lives.

You will have your own interpretation to each piece. You might see something you like. You might see something you don't like. Your opinion will be unique. It will be personal.  It will be different to the person standing next to you. And it will be right.

As an artist, I like to experiment with different techniques to create the end result, working mostly with acrylic on canvas and applying the paint in multiple layers, using a variety of tools to work the paint and medium, to generate a texture to each artwork.

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Darlington, UK

07810 778896

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